DX16 MultiViewer HER1 RK-15-13869-BV

Zandar Technologies

Zandar Technologies DX16 MultiViewer

Zandar Technologies DSX16 MultiViewer For sale. Power tested, powers up. No further testing done. sold as is. see pictures for cosmetic condition.

The DX Series MultiViewers are versatile, cost-effective solutions for a wide range of broadcast applications. The MultiViewers' 1RU compact design delivers modular configurations for 4, 8, 12 or 16 SDI or composite inputs, with auto detect of NTSC, PAL or SDI formats. Composite, component, SDI and line doubled VGA outputs provide customers with a wide range of flexible display options. Front panel controls and remote control via RS-232/422 provide the user with the ability to view real-time multiple images in various pre-configured displays. Optional software allows the user configuration of displays, and multi-system control, while options also exist for in-picture audio monitoring of SDI embedded audio. Standard alarm features include loss of video sync, black picture & frozen picture detection.

8/12/16 input Digital MultiViewer - 1RU rack mount box for tiled displays to analog video, digital video and VGA. Presets include 4x4, 12+1, 3x3. Can upgrade from 8 to 12 and 16 channel system. Auto detect of NTSC/PAL/SDI.


• Compact 19" 1RU enclosure
• 4, 8, 12 or 16 SDI (digital) or composite video inputs
• Auto detect of digital or analog inputs
• Auto detect of NTSC, PAL or SDI (digital) inputs
• Video outputs - composite & Y-C or YUV, SDI x 2
• VGA output (line doubled)
• Selection of pre-set displays
• Full screen display of any input
• Built-in character generator for source identification
• Font size choice
• Real-time clock & date
• Individual border colors for tally/ alarm status
• Tally lamps
• Front Panel Controls/menus for configuration
• RS-232/422 control
• GPIO/Alarm triggers for layout and full-screen recall
• Loss of sync detection
• Black picture detection
• Frozen picture detection
• Audio Monitoring
• ZRP - Zandar Remote Panel (optional)



• SDI (525/625) SMPTE 259M 270Mb/s
• Composite video
• Auto Detect of SDI (digital), PAL or NTSC per input
• PAL-M can be set manually


• 2 SDI (digital)
• 1 composite & Y-C or YUV/RGB
• VGA Output (line doubled) 704 x 480p or 704 x 576p


• 16 text colors
• Half tone video background for text
• 16 border colors
• 3 tally lamps - red, green, yellow
• Real-time clock & date
• Audio bargraphs (if option installed)


• Presets built-in 4x4, 12+1, 3x3, 2x2
• Also 7+1, 5+1, 4x3, 8+2
• Four programmable layouts on DX-4
• Picture re-size, move and crop to pixel accuracy via optional Layout Editor software
• Up to 16 unique layers for picture-in-picture


• Upgradeable from 8 to 12 and 16 channel configurations


• Front panel buttons access LCD panel menus
• RS-232, RS-422/485
• ZRP - Zandar Remote Panel for single touch control (optional)


• GPIO/Alarm triggers for layout and full-screen recall
• Loss of sync detection
• Black picture detection
• Frozen picture detection

ZRP - Zandar Remote Panel console for push button layout/full-screen selection.


Z-Editor - layout editing software. Graphical User Interface software allows user design of displays, picture re-size, position and crop. Runs on any PC with MS® Windows connected serially to the DX MultiViewer.


UMD/Tally Router Interface Software - Provides interface to select routers for in-picture display of UMDs or source identification and tally status.


EA Embedded Audio - In-Picture Audio Monitoring of 2 or 4 channels of SDI embedded audio per video channel.





Ideal Uses
• Broadcast Monitoring in Studios, MCRs and OB Trucks
• Satellite Center & Cable Head-end Monitoring
• Multi-image effects generation for: Live Events, Studio Back-drops & Public Information Display



Working condition: Power tested, Powers up
Missing or damage: Minor usage marks. See description for details
Pictures: See pictures for the cosmetic condition of this lot
Buying terms: Sold as is!



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