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OD&D Vintage Audio

Od&d vintage audio offers a broad range of vintage audio equipment, vintage studio gear and vintage hifi. Offering the best brands in the vintage audio world; Telefunken, Neumann, Siemens

Used audio gear

Od&d doesn’t only sell vintage audio gear. Used audio gear we offer as well. Used studio consoles, used microphones and a lot of audio equipment to fill up your studio outboard gear racks. Hifi audio, Recorders and speakers. There is so much od&d offers. See for yourself!

Testing and repairing audio gear

At od&d vintage audio we house our own technical department where we test and repair a lot of the vintage audio, used audio and vintage hifi gear before we put the products online. So you know what you buy.

Audio gear parts and measuring equipment 

Sometimes vintage audio or used audio gear is not fixable anymore. But there are still a lot of parts that are in very good shape and ready to get re-used. We at od&d strip those vintage and used recorders, consoles etc. for parts so you can fix your beloved audio gear. accompanied by a lot of vintage measuring equipment that od&d vintage audio also has on stock. 

Vintage studio: Ground Lift Recordings

Od&d vintage audio also houses a recording studio focused on vintage audio gear. Ground Lift Recordings offers a complete analog audio path alongside a high-end digital audio path. Our customers a welcome to test out there used and vintage audio gear in our high-end Recording studio.

Packaging and shipping

Od&d vintage audio based in the netherlands will get you your vintage gear, used studio equipment or vintage hifi products safely and well packed to your door. Od&d sends your vintage gear all over the world. For more info ‘click here’