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OD&D Vintage Audio

Od&d vintage audio offers a broad range of vintage audio equipment, vintage Broadcast equipment and army broadcast transmitter and receiver gear. Offering the best brands in the vintage audio world; Telefunken, Neumann, Siemens

Vintage gear

Vintage audio gear and equipment is where OD&D vintage audio is build up upon. But besides al that nice vintage gear OD&D is selling a lot more. Od&d is broadening its horizon. Besides vintage audio equipment, you will find used audio and video gear as well. But that's not all. Od&d vintage audio is also selling vintage army, broadcast, transmitters, receivers and test equipment.  

Army Equipment

OD&D Vintage Audio has a full category dedicated to vintage army broadcast equipment, receivers, power supplies and a lot more related to the army. From the Dutch navy to American pilot head gear. A very interesting category filled with pieces of history, collector items and museum pieces.   

Broadcast equipment

Vintage broadcast equipment is a whole world separate from the vintage audio and used audio world. OD&D vintage audio has categories full of vintage Broadcast transmitters and receivers. The broadcast equipment community is a big one and when they see the vintage gear od&d has to offer a lot of stories about radio stations and pirate radio stations are brought back to memory.

Transmitters and Receivers

A lot of Vintage broadcast equipment and army gear are transmitters and receivers. The transmitters and receivers come in so many different models and designs. And many are filled with audio tubes. A lot of vintage tube equipment and tube radios.  

Packaging and shipping

Od&d vintage audio based in the netherlands will get you your vintage gear, used army equipment or vintage broadcast products safely and well packed to your door. Od&d sends your vintage gear all over the world. For more info ‘click here’