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OD&D Vintage Audio 

Od&d vintage audio offers a wide range of vintage audio equipment, vintage studio gear and vintage hifi. Offering the best brands in the vintage audio world; TelefunkenNeumannSiemens. Besides audio equipment, Od&d vintage audio offers a broad range of vintage measurement, manuals and broadcast equipment and as well.

Ground Lift Recordings

Od&d vintage audio also houses a recording studio focused on vintage audio gear. Ground Lift Recordings offers a complete analog audio path alongside a high-end digital audio path. Ground Lift Recordings and OD&D Vintage Audio was a match bound to happen! For the complete gear list and possibilities check out





Vintage Audio Gear

OD&D Vintage Audio brings in a lot of vintage studio gear. From plate reverb units to vintage microphones, and 19 inch studio outboard gear to speakers and studio audio consoles. Ground lift recordings can fill up the recording studio before OD&D Vintage Audio offers the gear in the webshop. 

Try before you buy!

A recording studio under the roof of od&d vintage audio offers lots of possibilities. Ground Lift recordings test a lot of the equipment before od&d vintage audio sells the item in the webshop. Besides that, Our customers a welcome to test out there used and vintage audio gear in our high-end Recording studio. Did you find a piece of vintage audio, used audio or B-stock audio gear you like? let us know and we'll make an appointment!