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OD&D Vintage Audio 

Od&d vintage audio offers a wide range of vintage audio equipment, vintage studio gear and vintage hifi. Offering the best brands in the vintage audio world; TelefunkenNeumannSiemens. Besides audio equipment, Od&d vintage audio offers a broad range of vintage measurement as well.


Vintage Audio

OD&D Vintage Audio is build on vintage audio equipment. Studio outboard gear, microphones, tape recorders, studio consoles and live audio mixers are just a handful of vintage audio products that OD&D vintage audio sells. And if your audio gear is not working properly or missing some parts, OD&D got that covered as well! Vintage tape recorder parts, vintage audio console parts, microphone parts and a lot more cables, plugs and parts





Vintage Measurement Equipment

Testing gear and measuring equipment is used for ages and for as long as these devices are used they where made. Od&d vintage audio has a big collection of vintage measuring equipment up for sale. Analyzers, Oscilloscopes, Tone generators, Power supplies, Audio, Multi and a lot of other meters. This part of the shop is getting filled by new gear every week.  


Vintage Video, Visual and PC

Old cameras, vintage projectors and a lot of other visual equipment and video gear we offer as well here at OD&D. OD&D vintage audio will take on everything that is old, vintage and dusty. So besides all our vintage audio gear we offer a wide range of amongst other things video recorders, monitors, AV switches, AV distributors and a lot more Video, Visual, Lighting and PC equipment.