Telefunken M15A Reel To Reel Recorder With Mono Ferrit Head (No.3)

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Working/condition: Good cosmetic condition. Powered up and working
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Telefunken M15A Reel To Reel Recorder With Mono Ferrit Head (No.3) 

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For sale Telefunken M15A Reel To Reel Recorder fitted with glass ferrit heads.
We have tested this recorder and sadly this one has some flaws.
Everything works. But it looks like the right tensio is somewhat stuck. It kind of feels like something is holding it back.
When we moved the tensio by hand, the recorder worked. But al and all it needs some love.
Winding, Playback everything works on this Telefunken M15A. But the tensio needs some service. Could be a minor issue.
When you unscrew the lid you can see what's going on with this recorder.

We have a manual with schematics online in our shop.
KAY VL-14042-BV
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