Telefunken (RCL Hamburg) CV692 Vintage TUBE Amplifier V69 Clone (No.1)

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Working/condition: Good cosmetic condition
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Telefunken (RCL Hamburg) CV692 Vintage TUBE Amplifier V69 Clone (No.1)

This is a clone of the Telefunken V69. Filled with El34 and EF86 tubes.
The electrical circuit of these amplifiers is similar to the Telefunken V69b.
Only the output power is higher - about 100 Watt RMS, and the output impedance is 100 Ohm/100 V.
This amplifier is missing the front cover sadly. But that doesn't take down the value of this wonderful Tube amplifier.
In very good condition for its age.
Not tested sadly. And sold as is. But given the condition this should work without to much trouble.

We have no documentation sadly.

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