The webshop is opened again


During the last few months a lot has happend. Some of you might have also noticed.

The webshop has been closed, we were unavailable for contact. This probably left a lot of you wondering what excatly has happned to OD&D

This all sadly resulted out of a very undesireable situation for all parties involved 


Unfortunately, on June 11th is Bjorn one of the founders of OD&D passed away.

After the tragic loss of bjorn, OD&D was not able to continue the business which unfortunately resulted in a bankrupcy. 

After the bankrucpy the store was closed down. It looked like the store would remain closed forever but luckily OD&D was bought by people who shared Bjorns vision for OD&D


Since September 1st OD&D is part of Hifi Partners B.V. and we will do our best to keep up the same level of quality that OD&D stands for. Please take in consideration that the store was closed for over two months and we might have some logistical problems during the re-opening period, we apologize for that and thank you in advance for your consideration in this matter.


Please note that we were not able to acces any of the systems before September 1st. For any matters concernaing the transition period please reach out to us so we can try resolving it together. Please view our About us page if you need to reach out to us