Maihak MMS 2/1a Tube Amplifer - Missing Tubes (No.3)

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Working/condition: Good cosmetic condition
Missing or damage: Missing the tubes. See description for details
Pictures: See pictures for the cosmetic condition of this lot
Buying terms: Sold as is!

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Maihak MMS 2/1a Tube Amplifer - Missing Tubes (No.2)

Pilotton Verstärker is written on the front.

For sale Maihak MMS 2/1a Tube Amplifer - Missing Tubes.
Sadly all the tubes are gone. But the condition overal is very good. Been in good storage.
Missing the 2x EF 804s tubes, The ECC 801s, and the E90CC tubes.
The rest of the components are there to make this work.
Look at the pictures and see the condition.
Perhaps this can be modded into a microphone preamp. This is a great DIY project for sure.

Untested and sold as is.
Please take a good look at the Maihak MMS 2/1a Tube Amplifer In Good Condition - Missing Tubes

KAY OR-15-13305-BV