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PZM 185 - Pressure Microphone AXLC1-RK26-3687 NEW
PZM 185 - Pressure Microphone AXLC1-RK26-3687 NEW 1
PZM 185 - Pressure Microphone AXLC1-RK26-3687 NEW 2

PZM 185 - Pressure Microphone AXLC1-RK26-3687 NEW


Up for sale a Crown PZM 185 - Pressure Microphone


The Microphone is as new and has only been used as a demo in a Crown Demo Case.


The Crown PZM-185 Boundary Microphone is ideal for applications such as conferences, group discussions, interviews, broadcast, home video production, lectures, and recordings. The Crown PZM-185 Microphone can be placed on a large surface such as a table, floor, wall, or lectern.

The Crown PZM-185 Microphone is powered either by an internal AAA 1.5V battery or 12-48V phantom power. The boundary "paddle" can be detached so the mic will fit in your pocket. Attached to the mic is an 8-foot (2.438-m) cable leading to a tubular power module.

Its low profile design reduces "mic fright" and minimizes clutter. It is nearly invisible on camera and minimizes pickup of vibration and handling noise. Its electret condenser capsule provides a wide, smooth frequency response from 50 Hz to 16 kHz. The mic's hemispherical polar pattern allows clear pickup of everyone surrounding the microphone.

The Crown PZM-185 Microphone is protected against static and RFI. The output is balanced, low impedance, which allows long cable runs without hum pickup or high-frequency loss. Like other Pressure Zone Microphones, the Crown PZM-185 Microphone uses a miniature mic capsule mounted very near a sound-reflecting plate or boundary in the Pressure Zone. In this zone, direct sound from the sound source combines in phase at all frequencies with reflected sound off the boundary. The benefits are many: 6 dB more sensitivity, 6 dB less noise, a wide smooth frequency response free of phase interference, excellent clarity and "reach", and consistent pickup anywhere around the microphone.

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