Shipping and shipping costs OD&D Netherlands.


We attach great importance to the correct and safe delivery of your order as possible. To pack your order, we use bubble plastic and organic packaging chips.

If necessary, we can also choose to box your order.

Shipping carrier:

Most shipments are sent via our partner PostNL. For packages over 30 kilograms in Europe we make use of UPS if possible, otherwise transport will be chosen.

Shipping costs:

We charge the standard shipping fee for your shipment. This includes a shipment including signature for receipt and insurance.

We always try to use the cheapest solution for you.

Weights and Transport:

Packages up to 30 kilos will be shipped with PostNL in the EU. Packages over 30 kilos and up to 70 kilos will be shipped with UPS if possible.

Packages up to 20 kilos can be shipped worldwide, packages above this weight will in most cases be done with transportation.

Heavier than 30 kilos?

If your shipment is heavier than 30 kilos, we need your full address and information (Phone, Email, etc.)

In addition, we will ask for actual shipping costs for orders over 30 kilograms. As a result, you may need to pay or get a portion for shipping.