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OD&D Vintage Audio 

Od&d vintage audio offers a wide range of B-stock audio equipment, b-stock studio gear and b-stock hifi. Offering the best brands in the audio world. Among other things; AKG, Crown, JBL, Soundcraft. Besides audio equipment, Od&d vintage audio offers a broad range of b-stock measurement as well.


B-stock Audio

OD&D Vintage Audio is build on b-stock audio equipment. Studio outboard gear, microphones, b-stock Hifi and consumer audio, studio consoles and live audio mixers are just a handful of b-stock audio products that OD&D vintage audio sells. And if your audio gear is not working properly or missing some parts, OD&D got that covered as well! b-stock audio console parts, microphone parts, miscellanouse hifi parts and a lot more cables, plugs and parts




B-stock protective gear

b-stock cameras, b-stock projectors and a lot of other visual equipment and video gear we offer as well here at OD&D. OD&D vintage audio will take on everything that is b-stock and used. So besides all our vintage audio gear we offer a wide range of amongst other things video recorders, monitors, AV switches, AV distributors and a lot more b-stock Video, Visual, Lighting and PC equipment.  


And a lot of other B-stock products

Besides our b-stock audio gear and b-stock video equipment we also sell a selection of operation manuals, user guides and schematics. And to aid you on your do it yourself projects OD&D vintage audio offers a great selection on b-stock measurement equipment as well.