SM20 Mixing Console 40 Channels + Flightcase PUR-VL-4070


40 Channel Soundcraft SM20 mixer.

This is primarily a monitor mixer, but if you have many sends to do it could be a good fit for FoH mixing.


Tested but we coudn't get a sound out of the mix out. Only when pressed solo there was a sound. Probably something we did wrong. But after we did it a it a couple of times we coudn't figure our why. All the other functions work. VCA's and mute groups work. So we think that the console should work and we did something wrong because we are not familiar with this type.

Comes in a flightcase with PSU and cables.

It runs on a Soundcraft CPS 800 (not included).

Outer measurements (flightcase): 169cm x 120cm x 38cm

Total weigth: 185 kg

It comes in a flightcase without PSU.

Take a look at the pictures for more details.

€ 604,94